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VitalHub Corp. Announces Acquisition of Hicom Technology Ltd

We are pleased to announce that Hicom Technology Ltd is now part of the VitalHub group.

VitalHub is an award-winning, global provider of healthcare software with specialist companies in the UK, Canada and Australasia supporting an extensive portfolio of complementary software products.

Our partnership with VitalHub enables us to bring more value to our clients. By providing access to additional people, technologies, skills and experience we will now be able to accelerate our plans for our products and services.

We are excited to be working as part of a larger group that will provide opportunities for growth and development of Hicom, our people and the VitalHub family. Hicom will continue to operate under the same name and in the same way, with the same people and with the same commitment to our customers, our products and our services, whilst benefiting from a combination of skills, products and expertise that will enable us to deliver further innovations to our customers.