Arena is a leading system in compliance and reporting for retailers, restaurants and other customer facing organisations. Quick and automated access is provided to users allowing instant reporting with fully customisable security models, ensuring that data and functionalities are restricted to only the appropriate members of staff.

The modular design of Arena means that the organisation can use, customise and extend those areas of the system most relevant to their business. All modules are integrated, allowing for relevant and comprehensive information to be input quickly and easily through dynamic wizards and data capture screens that are easy to use, intuitive and yet comprehensive to ensure an accurate record of any incident or audit is made.

Automated workflows

The system is designed to obtain data as and when required, track time sensitive or critical information to ensure that no event is missed by the business. Workflow tracks in Read More..

Enhanced Reporting

The system has a suite of tools for reporting and sharing information with the business. Standard and custom reports can be distributed to targeted individuals on an automated basis providing Read More..

Process and Information Management

Our system automated information management and tracking, real time alerting, a full reporting suite provides your business with all the information it needs. The enhanced functionalities support all activities and Read More..

Secure and Compliant

The system supports full process management and reporting and ensures best practice and compliance within an organisation. We take the Data Protection Act (DPA) very seriously and therefore always work Read More..

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