Integrated diabetes patient management solution

350,000 patients and 6,000,000 episodes of care

Diamond, a platform of digital tools that provide core data in standard format for multiple disciplinary diabetes teams, improving interaction and enabling access to patient information in real-time

Diamond is a market-leading software solution developed in close collaboration with clinicians to help healthcare providers deliver optimum multi-disciplinary diabetes care. The key to Diamond’s success is its ability to save time, reduce human error and duplications, enabling medical professionals to accurately capture, record and report on a wide range of patient data; giving access to real-time information improving patient care and the ability to satisfy a number of Information Governance requirements and regulations.

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Diamond ability to integrate with other Trust-wide systems

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The efficiencies that come from having full digital visibility of patient data in one interface has been invaluable. With Diamond, we have seen significant time savings and a vast increase in data accuracy. Data can be viewed electronically from primary care centres as well as within the hospital environment, negating the need for clinicians to transport cumbersome case files around with them and allowing for broader patient information to be recorded.

During the handover period, patient information needs to flow because the condition of the patient doesn’t change just because of their age, they still have diabetes and all of their data is still crucial to their care. Diamond provides the ability to pull across the full history of the patient’s data from their paediatric record automatically, giving clinicians the reassurance that they have the right information and the patient peace of mind that they don’t have to start from scratch and repeat themselves, which increases the chances of key information being missed.

Stephanie Tarpey, Clinical Systems Team Manager, Northern Care Alliance 


Having immediate access to the information at the point of care ensures we are able to make better informed decisions on patient management. Diamond has given us the ability to quickly search for information and audit data in a way, which would be impossible with paper records. It has had a major positive impact on the way in which we are able provide diabetes care to our patients.

Dr Nicholas Morrish, Consultant Diabetologist, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust


Diamond has enabled us to capture national audit and BPT data more easily and it has greatly supported the transition of paediatric patients to the adult service.

It allows all clinical team members – PDSNs, diabetologists, dieticians and psychiatrists – to access the same data in real time which means the patient doesn’t have to repeat themselves and benefits from joined up care planning.

Dr Max Priesemann, Consultant Paediatrician, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Diamond, a single care system that manages paediatric and adult diabetes patients enabling a smooth transition between the two

Utilised as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Diamond consolidates data from multiple sources into one single view that allows all departments to access information on diabetic patients. This helps Trusts to move towards a paper-light process and enables clinicians to easily see what information must be submitted for auditing purposes, through the use of data indicators.

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  • NComprehensive clinical datasets for paediatric and adult diabetes
  • NEpisodic care management
  • NClinic, appointment scheduling and patient attendance management
  • NInsulin regimen and pump administration
  • NLetter writing tool incorporating letter templates
  • NNational Diabetes Audits extract functionality
  • NGlobal coding standards compliant


  • NReal time access to patient and clinical data, enhancing care delivery
  • NImproved outcomes from data access at point of patient care
  • NReduction in administrative workload and the elimination of transcription
  • NImproved efficiency through process automation
  • NEnhanced patient risk management assessments
  • NSupports paperless operations and diabetes care interoperability standards
  • NAccess operational and clinical reports supporting patient and administrative workflows

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