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Hicom supports Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation to help everyone with diabetes live life to the full

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Since 2016, Hicom has been an active supporter of Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF) in pursuit of the charity’s aims to fund research to establish the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes; develop improved management and treatment options; and ultimately find a cure.

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With a shared belief that collaboration is key to better patient outcomes, Hicom and DRWF raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients alike of how technology and education combined can positively impact the day-to-day management of diabetes.

One of the driving forces behind our support of DRWF is the opportunity it presents to develop new and better software solutions, which in turn means healthcare professionals will be able to make more informed, responsive and longer-term decisions on the care for individual patients, as well improving patient management as a whole.

We actively engage in raising awareness of DRWF’s work, helping to raise vital funds for DRWF and giving our staff the opportunity to get involved in community activities.

“Staying well until a cure is found”

DRWF supports people living with diabetes by providing authoritative information and education to help them take a pro-active approach to their self-care. In person and online Diabetes Wellness events provide help and guidance on all aspects of diabetes management, also providing a great opportunity to meet others experiencing similar health concerns. The DRWF newsletter and website contain a wealth of information about the condition and strategies for managing it. Each year DRWF funds Fellowships and proof of concept projects focused on understanding the causes, management, treatment and cure of all types of diabetes.

We actively engage in raising awareness of DRWF’s work, helping to raise vital funds for DRWF and giving our staff the opportunity to get involved in community activities.

To learn about DRWF please visit

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Chief Executive at DRWF

(Sarah Tutton)

“Partnering with like-minded organisations helps us widen our reach for awareness and fundraising to support our charitable activities. Hicom’s technology aids HCPs in delivering the best possible patient care, while our work with patients is focused on improving education levels to support better self-management. These complementary objectives are all part of a wider aim that we share of helping people living with diabetes to ‘stay well until a cure is found…’

We feel that there is a natural synergy between Hicom and DRWF with common goals that seek to improve life for people with diabetes. We’re delighted that Hicom believes in the work we are doing and wants to play an active part in that.”

Director at Hicom

(Bruce Richards)

“We are delighted to continue our association with DRWF who work tirelessly to raise much needed funds to carry on their work to better understand the causes, prevention, treatment and management, and the ultimate goal to find a cure for diabetes.

Hicom wants to remain at the forefront of innovation by modernising the approach to community-based services for diabetes patients and providing more efficient, effective and connected services. We believe our relationship with DRWF helps us raise the profile of the research being done into the prevention and cure for diabetes as well.”

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