Intrepid Learner Database

The Intrepid Learner Database allows LETB organisations and HEI’s to manage their commissioned programmes, cohorts and individual learners. The system identifies each learner individually and tracks their progress throughout their programme. Financial details such as budgets, payments and costs are recorded and tracked both by the owning organisation and their higher education institutes. Utilising a combination of an intuitive menu system and dashboard layout, information is easily accessible and a suite of reports together with a bespoke reporting tool allows quick extraction of the data when it's needed.

Storing and archiving

The system has been designed as both a data management and data repository solution. It is therefore possible to archive and store your data when you are no longer Read More..

Contract management

The system is designed specifically for commissioned programmes and supports LETBs’ ability to monitor fill rates and attrition against their programmes. The system allows reporting against programme, cohort, and Read More..