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Improving health and patient care by digital transformation

In December 2015, the NHS published NHS planning guidance, which was dominated by Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). These are five year plans that layout a new “place based” approach Read More..

Delivering joined up diabetes healthcare to create greater value

When a consultant is able to access detailed records about a diabetes patient, they don’t need to spend valuable contact time asking the patient to remember their complex medical history. Read More..

Moorfields takes first step towards paperless systems

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has commissioned Hicom, a leading provider of clinical information software, to develop and improve the functionality of OpenEyes, the specialist Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Read More..

Digital footprints: steps towards transformation in paediatric diabetes

Although the pursuit of digital excellence in the NHS continues, the adoption of technology across the health service remains, at best, patchy. Progress is undermined by a lack of both Read More..

Health Care Professionals no longer need to make paper based notes when visiting patients

Community services have long been hailed as the knight in shining armour that can transform NHS care. In line with widespread Public Health initiatives aimed at shifting emphasis away from Read More..

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